We specialise in designs for Oak Framed buildings, however we work on all types of buildings and no job is too big.






Straightforward and Cost Effective


Many buildings are exempt from planning permission, that means you can build under 'Permitted Development' rights. Some buildings are also exempt from needing Building Regulations. In the past, Your options were:


  • Draw the building, fetch the planning forms from your local council offices, fill in the forms and apply for planning permission yourself. Then organise structural calculations, building regulations and a builder to erect your structure.
  • Employ an Architect to to do all the work for you.


The Solution


Now, it's a lot easier:

  • Planning applications can be done online using the Government's Planning Portal Website
  • You can use Independent Building Inspectors to oversee the build works
  • You can get an oak framed building manufacturer to manufacture off site & deliver to your site
  • You can buy the planning drawings from us to submit yourself.