We offer a variety of options for your planning application.
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Plans for Planning

Just need a set of plans for you or your Architect to submit as part of your planning application? For a typical garage building this can even be a cheaper option for an Architect to use our services than draw up the plans themselves and many Architects and technicians use our plans for standard oak frame garages. See our plans page for a range of pre drawn drawings or fill in the form to request a quote.

Full Planning Service

We also provide a full planning service including all the relevant paperwork, design and access statements etc. Some applications may require further details such as flood risk assessments, bat surveys, listed buildings consent etc. any extras are not included but we will introduce you to the best professionals at the best possible price to carry out any specialist services. Please use the plans page for us to quote your project.

Building Regulations

Building regulations approval is a completely separate process. Almost all work to a property that involves structural changes will need to comply with Building Regulations – whether planning permission is needed or not. Generally a garage building of less than 30 square metres (internal floor area) is exempt from building regs although not if you want to build adjacent to your boundary. There are 2 main ways of complying with the rules; A Full Plans Application – this requires the submission of an application to Building Control that will include detailed scale drawings of the proposed works and methods of construction, a 1:1250 location plan, detail of the proposed materials, calculation of structural and thermal insulation elements. A Builders Notice – this is initially simpler method whereby you, or the builder on your behalf gives notice to the local building control and starts within a couple of days. The disadvantage of this method is that it requires the builder to work without detailed drawings and is only advisable for small works and where you are very confident in the builder’s ability. However, we recommend using an independent Building Inspector as this tends to combine the best of both methods and more or less everything can be done by email.

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